Hi, I’m Lauren.

If you haven’t Herda 👂 me, I’m a designer 📐, artist 🎨, and developer 💻 based in Baltimore 🦀. I specialize in icons ❤️ and the WWW 🌐. I love seeing the big picture 🗺️, but I’m also devilish about the details. 😈

Lunar Solis Corp. BronyCon

In 2013, BronyCon made the move to Baltimore and instantly became a fixture of the city’s summertime convention scene. “Bronies” were a part of the zeitgeist, and although I hadn't given ponies much thought since the 90s—how could I resist?

Figure 53 F53 Site & Branding

To accompany the launch of a new version of the company’s flagship product, I designed and coded a comprehensive update to the website for Figure 53, using a static page generator built in-house with modern technologies, based on Node.js. To go with it, I also standardized and refined the company’s brand identity.

NASA Fragile Oasis

NASA and astronaut Ron Garan approached Bolster Labs (Chalk + Chisel) to do a ground-up rebuild the website for Ron’s nonprofit. The site helps to connect research done in orbit with communities on the ground, so a design was crafted evoking earth from above, complete with mission patches for members to collect.

NASA MindMapr

When Bolster Labs (Chalk + Chisel) was approached by NASA to design and develop an iPad note-taking application, I took the lead on UX and visual design of the project, creating an app that enabled note-takers to quickly and easily keep track of the rapid-fire conversations that take place during NASA’s Launch conferences. The application has also successfully been used during other conventions, such as LIVESTRONG Foundation’s REV summit.

Figure 53 F53 App UI & Branding

While working with Figure 53 on the design of multiple applications across web, macOS and iOS platforms, I took it upon myself to develop a consistent set of over one-hundred and fifty pictograms that could be utilized to convey common application functions throughout all of the company’s related products.

Isosceles Type Pinnacle

Having worked on a number of NASA & space-related projects, I often found myself disappointed by shortcomings in “futuristic” typefaces, feeling they often failed to capture the 1980s vintage aesthetic of the NASA “worm” logo, which represents the wonder and optimism of the post-Apollo space program. I hope that I’ve captured a bit of that in Pinnacle.

Personal Riven Posters

I’ve long held the opinion that one of the best video game series ever made is Cyan’s Myst series, and of that series, Riven is by far my favorite. I designed a series of five posters based on Riven’s five islands, each of which held its own mysteries and character. The posters were rendered in a style reminiscent of Charley Harper’s National Park Service travel poster, and are available from my webshop, Double Planetoid.

Wēgo Concerts Wēgo Apps

Wēgo is a social platform that makes it fun and easy to meet new people and connect with friends that share your music interests and concert schedule. Users can discover new music and concerts, and also make new friends and facilitate concert meet-ups.

I’ve been an illustrator, iconographer, UX designer, artist, type designer, 3D modeler, frontend coder, and I’m a perpetual learner and teacher. I’ve worked with software companies, design agencies, developer shops, educational institutions, and fan conventions, where I’ve contributed to dozens of amazing projects. Let’s talk about how I can help.