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Mindgrub and Thrive App developed Tapestry, a unified social networking platform for Thread, enhancing communication and support for volunteers aiding young people in Baltimore. This collaborative effort streamlined tools and fostered stronger community connections.

Enhancing Community Connectivity

Thrive App enlisted Mindgrub to bolster their team with the expertise and tools required to develop a comprehensive suite of social networking applications. These applications were designed to support Thread, a local volunteer-driven community-building initiative.

About Thread

Thread harnesses the power of relationships to create a diverse social fabric, engaging deeply with young people facing significant opportunity and achievement gaps. Committed to ending social isolation and fostering a more equitable culture, Thread connects individuals who support and uplift each other to thrive collectively.

At the core of Thread’s mission are young people in extraordinary situations. Thread pledges a ten-year commitment to these individuals, starting in 9th grade. Each young person is paired with volunteer family members who commit for one year, forming a team that aids their journey towards self-sufficiency. Additionally, every member of Thread has a coach who provides consistent support, reinforcing the community’s interconnectedness and mutual growth. Through enduring, authentic relationships, Thread is transforming lives and weaving a new social fabric in Baltimore and beyond.

Challenges and Goals

Prior to collaborating with Thrive and Mindgrub, Thread relied on a patchwork of tools and services to keep their volunteers connected. These included tools for real-time and asynchronous communication, expense tracking, and assistance requests, which varied across different Thread “families.”

Solution: Tapestry

Mindgrub and Thrive partnered to design and develop a unified social network called Tapestry. This suite integrated the diverse functionalities into a single platform, featuring mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and a web app for desktop and mobile users. A shared library of designs and components ensured a cohesive look and consistent user experience across the entire suite.


Throughout the project, Mindgrub and Thrive engaged closely with Thread participants, involving students and volunteers in both research and testing phases. This collaborative approach ensured the applications were tailored to the community’s needs and fostered a sense of ownership and involvement among Thread members. The result was a powerful, unified tool that enhanced connectivity and support within the Thread community, contributing to its mission of fostering enduring, transformative relationships and promoting social equity.