MeetMAT 2017 Contest


The MeetMAT 2017 painting contest presented a fun opportunity to customize a (virtual) vinyl toy, while exercising some of my skills in Substance’s Substance Painter tool.


For much of my digital life I've tinkered with 3D modeling and texturing, but in 2017 I decided to teach myself all that I could about realtime 3D asset creation. One tool I discovered and fell in love with was Substance Painter. After many attempts at practice projects I decided to take part in my first 3D contest online: Substance's MeetMAT 2017 painting contest. The goal: take an identical model and decorate it in a unique & creative way.

Because I couldn't make up my mind which idea I wanted to paint, I actually ended up doing a couple of these. My official entry was "DaruMAT," inspired by a Japanese daruma doll I had decorating my living room shelf (but with quite a bit more artistic flair). The other idea was to make MAT look like a Space Shuttle, complete with ceramic tiles and timeless NASA-inspired style.

MeetMAT Art Book

Although I didn't win the contest (there were so many incredible entries) I did have the wonderful fortune of my entry being chosen to be featured in the Meet MAT Art Book, published by Substance and available on Amazon. My entry can be found on pages 124 & 125.

My Official Entry

Alternate Idea