Lunar Solis Corp.


Art Direction

In 2013, BronyCon made the move to Baltimore and instantly became a fixture of the city’s summertime convention scene. “Bronies” were a part of the zeitgeist, and although I hadn’t given ponies much thought since the 90s—how could I resist?


As a volunteer for BronyCon — a 501c3 charitable fan event held in Baltimore — I redesigned much of the convention’s brand identity assets and established a comprehensive brand identity for the entire organization.

In the years since 2015 and up through the convention's final event in 2019, I led the organization's Design department, directing a staff of artists and guiding the overall look & feel of the event — a rewarding role that helped bring joy to as many as ten-thousand convention attendees at a time!

Logo Refinements

Cleaning and refining BronyCon’s existing visual identity was my first priority, and I began with revisions to the event’s logos — ensuring that the wordmark made good geometric sense and that it aligned cleanly on a pixel grid at small sizes.

Annual Motifs

The 2014 event saw the adoption of a standardized format for BronyCon's "annual motif," a special logo used to represent an individual year of the event and able to be used alongside the primary wordmark.

In addition to leading the design process for subsequent years, in 2019 I also went back to create annual motifs for years before we standardized on their format, so they could be used for nostalgia-driven merch ideas to produce for BronyCon's final event.

Brand Guide

To ensure that the event’s visual identity was consistently applied across the 10+ internal departments, I compiled a thorough brand guide document with instructions on how to use logos, reproduce colors, and choose typefaces.