Welcome to Double Planetoid!

Double Planetoid used to be my online shop, however I've put that on hiatus for a while. Instead, check out some of my other cool projects and websites!


My personal website, which you happen to already be on! Check out my homepage!

The Aerodex

One of my favorite old video games is Crimson Skies. I maintain a simple fan site at The Aerodex, where I have recreated lots of the graphic design from the game, as well as created some of my own custom artwork in the game's universe! I also maintain a mirror of the game's old official website, which has long since disappeared from the internet.

Airship Post

Airship Post is an Instagram-based project where I share scans and photos of my collection of airship and zeppelin related ephemera (mostly old postcards). If you like that kind of stuff, check it out!

Social Media

I'm active on social media, too! The best place to find me is on Mastodon at social.lol/@lauren. I also have some cool Unreal Engine work on my YouTube channel.